Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"I'm not dead yet... I'm getting better..."

THIS ISN'T ME! Sure, I've been sick, but...

As I said, I hate being sick. But I am feeling much better. I actually left the house today, and went to lunch with Mrs. Squirrel.

I’ve also done some writing, but nothing is ready to post, yet. Mrs. Squirrel says I’m too meticulous about it, but… well, that’s just me.

There will be a Nut Cache tomorrow, and I’ll try to be a bit more prolific in the future.

Until then, I remain,

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Julie said...

Glad you're on the mend.

Love the picture. Looks like something my boys would do.

Mrs. Squirrel said...

I'm glad he's feeling better, too. [He's much nicer to be around.]

Julie said...

Oh Mrs. Squirrel,

I feel your pain. My husband has a cold too and - apparently - I'm not giving him the level of pity he'd like to become accustomed to receiving... having just gotten over it myself :0)

Love your little 'screen pic' squirrel - very bright eyed.


Mrs. Squirrel said...

Mr. Squirrel is actually pretty easy to get along with. When he's miserable, he really does want to be left alone, but I'm the type to try to 'make it better' if I can. I don't like to see people hurting. :)

Julie said: Love your little 'screen pic' squirrel - very bright eyed.

Thanks! I have to give credit to Mr. Squirrel on that. He showed me a large collection of pictures and that one just "spoke to me". I always loved "Kilroy" as a kid. [And picturing a wife making comments from the other side of the fence also seems appropriate for some reason.]