Monday, March 23, 2009

I Hate Colds!

Ok, I’m sitting at home today, wrapped in a blanket, enjoying a cold. Mrs. Squirrel will tell you that I’m not the best patient in the world. I’m not happy when I’m sick, and I really like to be left alone. My misery does not like company!

My biggest problem with colds is; they’re not fatal! I wouldn’t mind feeling this bad, really, if I knew I was dying. But, really, a cold? Why is it that what is probably the most minor of illnesses, in so far as being life threatening, should have some of the most miserable symptoms around?

(I say that, not having experienced any really life threatening illnesses. I’ve had friends and family who have been really sick, so I’m not in any way belittling the real pain and illness that others have suffered.)

So, being at home, I have to ask: What has happened to game shows? When I was a kid, there were lots of game shows on TV. I just watched The Price is Right… Have they moved to a smaller studio since Bob Barker retired? The stage looks smaller, and it looks like they’ve cut the production values. Whatever happened to shows like Jokers Wild, The Match Game (Oh, that was a wicked show!), or Hollywood Squares? I’m watching the Game Show Network right now, and It is fun to watch these old shows. It really was a more innocent time.

So, now you know where I am and what I’m doing today. Hope your Monday’s better than mine! Now, where’d I put those tissues?...

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