Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reformation Montana 2012

Last Thursday and Friday, in Great Falls, Montana, the First Annual Reformation Montana Conference was held. Jordan Hall, Paul Washer, and Phil Johnson were the keynote speakers, and the audio messages from the conference are now available for download.

Sadly, due to some recording equipment issues, the audio quality of the first two messages is very poor. The problems were corrected, and the remainder of the messages, including Phil Johnson's exceptional 3-part exposition of Ephesians 2:1-10, are fine.

Session One - Jordan Hall

Session Two - Paul Washer

Session Three - Phil Johnson

Session Four - Paul Washer

Session Five - Phil Johnson

Session Six - Jordan Hall

Session Seven - Paul Washer

Session Eight - Phil Johnson

Session Nine - Jordan Hall

It was a great conference! It was good to renew old acquaintances, as well as make a few new friends. Next year's conference is already in the planning stages! I'll let you know the "who, where, & when" sometime soon!

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