Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Squirrel's Nut Cache - 7/15/2010

The Nut Cache - a collection of recent things I found interesting, or amusing, or nutworthy.

It seems that close to 14 million "adult" children are still living at home, with their parents. Every advice column that deals with "adult" children living at home advises that rules need to be agreed upon and adhered to in order to reduce conflicts in the home. One of those rules should be about the use of the laundry equipment. Had the Tyrrell family of Villa Rica, Georgia established such rules, this may not have happened. Somehow, I think pulling a gun on Mom isn't exactly compatible with the 5th Commandment...

While some 29-year-olds fail to exhibit the characteristics of adulthood, somehow I don't think 8-year-old Logan Fisher is going to turn out that way. It seems that he already has a pretty good understanding of the responsibilities of government as Biblically defined in Romans 13. I'm betting there are some in the Brooklyn Park suburb of Minneapolis who wish that Logan was on the city council instead of just talking to it!

Penguins a pretty cool birds. In fact, I've collected stuffed penguins since childhood. Where others had Teddy Bears, I had Peter Penguin. I am also a fan of the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins. However, I must tell you that I was not the criminal mastermind behind this recent case of penguin-napping. I also checked with my friend in Ireland, and he assures me that he was nowhere near the Dublin Zoo...

Pareidolia is the term for the mind's ability to see familiar patterns in random images. When we see a horse or an elephant or a bird in the shape of a cloud, that's pareidolia at work. Pareidolia is also responsible for many recent... uh... iconic... images, such as the Virgin Mary Grilled-cheese and the NunBun. Well, now the Liquid Planet Water Park has the Jesus Lifeguard Flag. "Since the face on the flag was revealed, the weather has been more than perfect, Dumont said. Business is up over 200 percent from last year." It seems a Roman Catholic priest is going to investigate the claims. Who ever said that ignorance and superstition were dead?

It seems that no Nut Cache is complete without a dumb drunk story. This week's dumb drunk story involves a lot of beer and a really big reptile. Here's some advice from The Squirrel: If you are so drunk that they kick you out of the bar, you are not sober enough to attempt to ride a crocodile. "No person in their right mind would try to sit on a 5m crocodile, Saltwater crocodiles, once they get hold of you, are not renowned for letting you go." Scratch that... sober people don't try to ride 1,800 pound crocodiles...

And the Nuttiness goes on and on...

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Nora said...

My dear Squirrel,

BrookLYN Park.

That is all.


The Squirrel said...

Thanks, Nora!

All fixy.



(bty, the Squirrel, being mildly dyslexic, welcomes all spelling error spotters with open paws)

Mark | hereiblog said...



The Squirrel said...


I can be amused or real offended by that, depending on what qualifiers you would have added if you budget had allowed more words...



Nora said...

You know, brevity is the soul of wit.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Let me clarify:

Stupid drunk.

You've heard that Eskimos have lots of words for snow? Aussies probably have more words for drunk.


Robert Warren said...

Re: Pareidolia

Well, that's nothin'; I heard a story about a baked potato that looked like William F. Buckley (a famous Catholic). And we have a tile in our bathroom that has the image of Pete Townshend (a famous person with a big nose).