Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Brief Programing Note

I really need to learn to stop saying that I'm going to publish something "tomorrow!" It always seems that, whenever I do, Providence seems to always dictate otherwise.

This week just seemed to fill with other things, and I haven't had the time to write that I desired. First, my sister and her family were in town over the weekend, which, coupled with the Fourth and all, resulted in lots of fun and too much food, but not much writing. Then yesterday was my birthday & I got a Nook & I've been playing with it and reading books and not doing any writing. And now, here it is, Wednesday afternoon, and I've not posted anything all week... except this, which doesn't really count.

The good news is that the Nut Cache for tomorrow is done, as is The Squirrel Can Cook for Friday. Next week's The Squirrel Can Cook is already in the works.

My few "thoughts on the role of patriotism in the life of the Christian," that I said would be posted Monday, are busy becoming... something else. Something more then a few random thoughts. Stay tuned, there will be something soon?. Yes, "soon."

Also in the works is a long overdue resumption of the Defending Dordt series, as well as the next post in the What A Squirrel Believes series. Plus, sometime before the end of the summer, I plan on doing a book review of Whosoever Will.

So, stay tuned. Busy summer ahead!

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