Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When Brakes Fail...

I was just getting ready for bed, was in bed, actually, when I felt the whole house shake. Then my Mom yelled down the stairs to our basement bedroom that my daughter had driven though the back wall of the garage. Mrs Squirrel and I threw on some clothes and ran outside to see the nose of Mandy's car sticking through the back wall of the garage and a very shaken Mandy sitting in the driver's seat with an amusingly stunned look on her face.

The driveway is steeply sloped downhill from the street to the garage, and her brakes failed on the hill. As it would happen, she had already hit the button to open the garage door (although I imagine replacing the door would have been less expensive then rebuilding the back wall.) It's also a good thing that Mandy parks in the end slot, as the other two parking places back up on the laundry room, and if she'd driven through that wall, she'd have been parking her car inside the house.

There were no injuries, and the damage could have been a lot worse. We have to wait until we get a contractor to shore up the wall before we can tow the car out. Then we'll have to assess the damage to both. But God is good, and, ultimately, this is a minor incident and easily reparable. This is why we pay those insurance premiums each month, right?

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dziendobry said...

I have a feeling that is going to end up on the failblog. Glad no one got hurt!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh man... glad this was an injury-free event!



Craig and Heather said...

woulda, shoulda, coulda, . . .

that must have seemed so slow, and yet so fast at the same time. She'll probably be replaying it in her mind for some time.

Glad no one was hurt. Also glad that isn't a taxi in that picture!!


Mary at Civilla's Cyber Cafe said...

Oh, man. I once backed our car out of our garage with the back door open and it had to be fixed. I felt so dumb.