Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Squirrel and Schedules

As I said last week, the new job is really interfering with my blogging. But Mrs Squirrel says I have to just learn to deal with that, so...

Here's some upcoming stuff for you to look forward to --

The Defending Dordt series will continue, with Unconditional Election currently slated for this Friday morning, in place of The Squirrel Can Cook (which will be returning soon, but probably not as a weekly feature.)

The Squirrel's Nut Cache will continue as a weekly feature, so keep sending in nuttiness for review!

Next Sunday, I will be starting an exposition of Daniel at church, so Monday's post will consist of some sort of sermon notes/outlines/summaries. I'm also planning on podcasting the sermons, if I can get all the technical details resolved (nothing major, it's looking good.)

I'll also be passing on fun and frivolity from the taxi, as things happen. I'll also be tweeting from the taxi (between fares, while safely parked!), so follow me on twitter.

I hope that's wet your whistle! See you soon!

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