Thursday, August 6, 2009

My First Day in the Cab

While I was able to ride along with another driver yesterday, today was my first full day (12+ hours) in the taxi. It began at 4:45 am, which is why I’m really tired tonight, and why this blog post is going to be real short.

It was a busy day, but it is a job I do believe that I’m going to enjoy. Of course, having a “real job” is going to impact my blogging a bit, and in ways that I’m sure I haven’t thought of yet. I do know that there will not be a ”The Squirrel Can Cook” for a few weeks, while I get some things organized.

Just one funny/sad story before I go. About noon, I was dispatched to pick up a fare (taxi lingo: fare noun 1 – the price of conveyance or passage in a bus, train, airplane, or other vehicle. 2 – a person or persons who pay to be conveyed in a vehicle; paying passenger. 3 – a person who hires a public vehicle and its driver) at an apartment complex to go to a bar downtown. When I arrived, the fare turned out to be a very hung-over young woman. She needed to go to the bar because that was where she’d left her car the night before (At least she hadn’t tried to drive home… Maybe…) I dropped her at the bar, and went on about my business.

A few hours later, I was dispatched to another bar downtown to pick up a fare. It turned out to be the same gal, who was now late to work. She still hadn’t found her car, she didn’t know where her car was, and she needed to get to work. She said that she had called the police and the tow truck companies to see if her car had been towed or impounded, it had not.

The whole time I was driving her to work, I kept thinking that her car was most likely parked back at her apartment complex, but somewhere that she was unaccustomed to parking. If I see her again, I’ll try to find out.

I’ll see everybody sometime soon, when I’ve got a little time for blogging, and I’ll be sure to share any good taxi stories that come up.

Tomorrow’s shift starts at 6 am, which will almost feel like sleeping in after today’s early start time!

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