Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The Automobile has been removed from the back wall of the garage, and the repairs of the garage have begun. All in all, it looks like everything is headed for a happy ending.

Here's a good picture showing the bracing to keep the roof from collapsing. The wall that the car drove through is a bearing wall that supports the garage roof, so this was important to do.

Here you can see the cables from the tow truck to the car. We are ready for extraction.

Here is the tank commander with her tank. She got the car back from the shop today, no major damage, just some dents and scrapes! The cracked windshield will be replaced on Friday.

Here is a picture of the hole after the car has been removed. Mom and I discussed that this would actually be a real nice place for a picture window...

The contractors (Greg McCue, McCue Construction, Missoula MT) quickly got the new wall framed in and sheeted. The electrician will be here Thursday to replace the outside light and the wall outlet.

And here's the outside, ready for the installation of siding.

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