Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Torture for Fun and Profit?

There has been a lot of talk about torture recently. Questions have been raised: Is torture ever justified? How far is too far? With the change in administrations, our national policies towards the treatment of prisoners have changed. And the practices of the former administration have come under renewed scrutiny.

In the midst of all of this, it has come to my attention that a New England company is manufacturing and marketing to private citizens a torture device so vile, so diabolical, that it needs to be brought to light.

Warning: the images on these videos are graphically funny and disturbingly amusing.

Did you hear the demented laughter of the torturer! This is not right! These squirrels are not even being questioned. They have no information to disclose. This is torture purely for the amusement of the sick torturer!

This is much, much worse than waterboarding!

I’m calling for congressional hearings into this travesty. All Yankee Flippers and their ilk should be removed from every backyard where they have been placed. This company needs to be shut down, and its executives jailed. Reparations should be paid, in bird seed, to all squirrels, and their families, who have suffered as a result of the illegal and immoral acts of the Droll Yankees Corporation.

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Joshua Cookingham said...

Normally I would side with you, but you forget, those squirrels provoked us! They started it! And it wasn't because of our Pro Maerican policies we spread to their enviornment either!

These squirrels are terrorists!!!!


The Squirrel said...

These squirrels are not terrorists, they just want to eat! It is totally unfair to feed birds while cruelly enticing rodents, then, at the last minute denying them their meal.

Where is the JUSTICE?


Mary at Civilla's Cyber Cafe said...

Oh, man! I used to live in New England, and bird feeders like this are something that Yankees would create. People who could make bird feeders like this are capable of anything. I say, "Let's waterboard the Yankees!!" Or, better yet, "Let's use the Yankees as counter-terrorists!!"

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Peace to all... a Yankee Flipper for the birds, and peanuts for the squirrels :0)


Rita Martinez said...

I went to this petting zoo in atlanta once, and a squirrel was chasing me all over the petting zoo...he even crawled up to my leg when I tried to feed him! I wanted to take him home with me :( sadly when the food exhausted the squirrel was never seen again...
by the way that 2nd video was horrible! poor squirrel!! he just wants to eat for pete's sake!!

Rabbit said...

My kind suffer as well; I can't even mention the horrors we suffer at the hands of gardeners who will not share their lovely, lovely lettuce with us. Shudder. Makes Mr. McGregor seem like Santa Claus.

That said, I gotta say, y'all squirrels are incredibly agile! The slo-mo of the squirrel who got Yankee-Flipped was amazing!