Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Vista... Need I Say More?

I'm having computer issues. Thus, no Nut Cache. I've been messing with this all day. It's a software issue, not hardware, as the system in running just fine in "safe mode." So, I'm currently backing up ALL my data, as I think I'll have to reformat my hard-drive this weekend.

It's Vista... I don't want to talk about it... Rumor has it that Windows 7 will be out in October, I can't wait. A friend has been using the Release Candidate that Microsoft has out now for trial use, and loves it. I may be switching to the RC this weekend, if I can't get Vista working.

You know, all an operating system really needs to do is run programs and manage files, quickly and without fuss. How hard is that? Sure, neat things like transparent windows and other wiz-bang-ery is cool, but if the OS doesn't run your programs, what good is it?

Well, back to it...

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