Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Has It Really Been 29 Years?

I was reminded this morning by Julie at Herding Grasshoppers that the Mt. St. Helens volcano erupted 29 years ago today.

In the memories of all who were living in the Pacific Northwest at the time, the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in May of 1980 will always loom large.

I remember mid-afternoon, Dad and I were out by the corral, doing something with the horses, looking west across the valley, and seeing the cloud approaching. Dad said that there must be a bad thunderstorm coming, while I said that it must be the ash from the volcano. Dad thought I was nuts, as Mt. St. Helens was hundreds of miles away.

I was right, and the air turned a weird green color, and it started getting really, really dark. It got so dark that the street lights came on in town. It was one of the eeriest things I've ever witnessed.

All together, I guess we got about a half inch of ash here. Everyone was warned to stay inside, and not to breath the ash. Do not drive, we were told, as the ash would get sucked into your car's engine and damage it. They closed schools for a week, until the ash had settled. (I remember well, because we had to make that week of school up before we could start our summer vacation!)

Since 1980, the scientific study of volcanism has vastly increased our understanding of what happened that day. Studies of Mt. St. Helens have also yielded vast evidence that supports Young Earth Creation.

But, for those of us who lived through it, it is a memory that will never fade.

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Kristine said...


You know, waaaay ... back in high school I wrote a report on this event. I don't even remember why I wrote it, but I vaguely recall it having something to do with the fact that it happened just weeks before I was born, and since the assignment was associated somewhat with 'natural disasters'....

You get the point.

That's amazing that even though you were hundreds of miles away, you could still see what you did.

Nothing ever seems so humbling as remembering events like this. We tend to think so highly of ourselves, and then we see just how vulnerable we are....

But for the grace of God...

Sorry I rambled so long!

The Squirrel said...


The ash cloud was in the air for days! It was like a weird grey/green (gritty) fog. It was really, really eerie, like a scene from a horror or post-apocalyptic movie.

Several years ago, I preached a sermon, from 1 Timothy 6:6-10, on how all security outside of Christ is just illusion. We're never secure physically nor financially, but God can, in His Sovereignty, can take any of it from us at any time. We are but playthings in the face of God's natural world.


Sir Aaron said...

Are you sure it points to a young earth creation. After all, didn't you hear, that they just found the missing link in the evolutionary chain?


people don't care about evidence. They believe whatever they want. I've always been curious as to what Darwin thought when he entered gehenna.

The Squirrel said...


"people don't care about evidence. They believe whatever they want."

And that is why I am a presuppositional, as opposed to an classical, apologist.

And, yeah, I heard about the missing link thing...


Herding Grasshoppers said...

I bet that big green cloud was eerie... even so far from "Tornado Alley"!

We're probably about 200 miles away and felt the blast (the concussion) but missed the ash - thankfully! Though I collected some, later.

And - for the record - I was in the 8th grade.

The Squirrel said...

"I was in the 8th grade."

lol - so was I