Saturday, May 15, 2010

Must Read Stuff on Ergun Caner

TurretinFan has posted more documents for The Caner File over at Thoughts of Francis Turretin. If you are following this story, you need to read this.

Who Is Ergun Caner?

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Fred Butler said...

I am becoming more convinced his resignation is imminent. I wouldn't doubt it if it happened by the end of May.

Bennett Willis said...

Will the resignation letter be contrite or beligerant? Based on the non-comments so far, I think that resignation by the end of May would be beligerant. I think that it will take the full committee comming "down on him" to produce any contrition.

Sometimes the absence of information is information. :)

Bennett Willis said...,1106589&dq=ergun-caner&hl=en

A 2002 AP article.