Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Help Send Squirrel To The 2011 Shepherds' Conference

I hesitated to blog about this, but a friend of mine told me that people can’t help when they don’t know what the needs are.

The church I serve as pastor is very small, and for most of my time as pastor I have been bi-vocational, working an outside job to help pay the bills. Unfortunately, recent economic conditions have affected things around here, as they have everywhere, and I have not had work outside the church in almost a year now. We are getting by, and all the bills are current, but most (all!) “extras” have been severely curtailed.

I have long desired to attend the Shepherds’ Conference at John MacArthur’s church, and so I am asking for your help. My church as set up a pastor’s conference fund, and I need to raise $1000 in order to attend the conference next March.

If you would like to help, please send your check to:
Superior Baptist Church
Pastor’s Conference Fund
PO Box 850
Superior, MT 59872

Thank you, and I’ll keep you updated!

Update #1

People have asked if they could donate with PayPal. There is now a PayPal button on the sidebar.

Also, several folks have asked “Why so much to go to a conference?” Good question, and here’s the breakdown:
  • Conference – $300
  • Fuel down and back – $300
  • 5 nights hotel – $400
  • 9 days food ($20/day) –$180
  • Total est. cost = $1180.00
(This assumes that I sleep in my car on the two-day drive down and the two-day drive back.)

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Katy said...

Squirrel....you should create a "pay pal" account.....easier for people to make donations. (I don't even have a check book.....)

graceb4me said...

that graphic is awesome! LOVE it! LOL

Doug Hibbard said...

Well, I would help, but since you count your church as "Superior" whilst mine was clearly "First," I don't think I shall...

I'll be praying for you and for God's provision. I've got a house to sell, and unfortunately, cannot provide funding, but the Lord God knows you'll need the break and the encouragement of going.

Mrs. Squirrel said...

Just a quick note to add that financial tax receipts will be forthcoming to all who donate to this venture or to the church (as long as we have names, addresses, etc.) so we can get the receipts back to you.

Also, a note on the memo line of checks would be helpful, too. So there is no confusion where you want your donations designated (Shepherd's Conf. or general fund, etc.).


Robert Warren said...

Mr. Squirrel:

I find your trip budget admirably frugal.

Jeff B said...

Yes indeedy you should attend. Well worth the time, effort and money. I cannot help monetarily, but would be more than happy to volunteer my in-laws house. I'm sure that they would be more than happy to put you up. E-mail me and let me know. I'd volunteer my own house but the 3 hour commute might be a bit much.

Victoria Lynch said...

I feel very sure you will get there--And I was wondering if I put on a fake beard and man's clothing and a DEEP voice; would you introduce me at the conference as your uncle from Delaware?
Kidding aside-I think you should post about this monthly--even with it on the sidebar, people may forget.

mennoknight said...

This is LKUnger from the AOMin channel...I didn't know you had a blog!

I'm coming back here now!

Also, if you need to find a cheap place to stay at Shepherd's conference, I could likely help. I don't live down there anymore, but I know many that do.