Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Squirrel's Nut Cache - 3/25/2010

The Nut Cache - a collection of recent things I found interesting, or amusing, or nutworthy.

Our first Nut takes us all the way to Russia, where the game of Russian Roulette was invented. I've checked the rules, and you're supposed to use a revolver. Actually, you not supposed to play at all! But you're definitely not supposed to use a semi-auto pistol... (Tip o' the hat to TurretinFan)

Let's stay in Russia for our second Nut. It gets cold in Russia. Really cold. Some people idle their cars and run the heater to stay warm. Others do other things in cars (usually the back seat) to stay warm. This couple decided to do both of these things to stay warm. Unfortunately, the car was inside a garage. Really, this could have ended better...

Some men shouldn't dance at all... Other men shouldn't dance in public... Most men shouldn't dance with giant bunnies... If a man is scamming an insurance company, claiming to be physically disabled and confined to a wheelchair, he really shouldn't dance in public with a giant bunny...

What makes this Nutworthy, you ask? Well, first off, I think Romanists are a bit nutty to put any stock in, let alone derive any doctrine from, Marian apparitions. However, if you're going to be nutty, let's be consistently nutty. There's no less evidence for these apparitions then for, say, Guadalupe, Fátima, or Lourdes, right?

Nobody wants a surprise visit from the police. Even if you're not doing anything wrong, it can be worrisome, as well as just an unwanted interruption. But, when you're a law-abiding elderly Brooklyn couple who have been visited by the police more then 50 times in the last 8 years, you're probably pretty annoyed by now. I think more then a cheesecake is needed. (And didn't any of the cops ever question dispatch? "Excuse me, what was that address again? Isn't that the Martin's place?")

Welsh, the Celtic language native to Wales in the UK, is only spoken by about 20% of the population of Wales. But that's often going to be a very confused 20%! It seems that roadsigns in Wales are printed in both English and Welsh, and the road sign folks don't always get the Welsh part right...

That's all the Nuttiness I've got for you this week.

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