Friday, March 19, 2010

The Squirrel Can Cook - Meatloaf Panini

Sandwiches are wonderful things. There are so many ingredients and ways to prepare them. They can be hot, cold, toasted, or grilled. Sandwiches are just great.

Today we’re going to make a Meatloaf Panino. (Panini is plural folks!) Although in Italy, panini are not always grilled, and are often made with rolls, but, here in America, a panino is essentially a dressed up grilled-cheese sandwich with a gourmet flair.

For our ingredients we need meatloaf (this is essentially the same meatloaf I made here, but I used matzah meal instead of oatmeal for my filler. It gives it a finer grain, which is better for sandwiches.), thick sliced bread, butter, cheese, a nice mustard, and Wickles’ Hoagie & Sub Relish.

The first question is; what kind of sandwich press are we going to use? I don’t have a sandwich press, per se, but I do have a George Forman grill, and I’ve found that it makes an excellent sandwich press for Panini! Like Alton Brown, I love multi-taskers. :o) So, plug in your George and get it hot.

Next, butter your bread. Don’t be shy; give one side of each slice a good coating. I then stack my bread, butter sides together, and construct my sandwich on top of the stack. Then, when I place it on the grill, the top is right there, ready and waiting.

In constructing the sandwich, begin & end with cheese. Cheese is the glue that holds your panino together. A layer of mustard, followed by the relish, and then top it off with more cheese. Now we’re ready to grill our sandwich.

Place the sandwich on the grill, and place the top on… well, on top, and close the grill. Grill the sandwich until golden-brown and crispy, which takes about 4 minutes on my grill.


The Squirrel shall not live by bread alone…

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