Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Quick Note to Dejected Followers of Harold Camping

May 21st has come and gone without the Judgment Day that Harold Camping predicted so confidently and taught so forcefully. You are discouraged. You are dejected. Perhaps you are financially destitute, because you cashed in all your assets to buy advertising for today's non-event.

I am not writing this note to ridicule or mock you. Yes, I have mocked Harold Camping and his teachings, but I did not mock you. You were deceived. You were lied to. No doubt your disappointment and discouragement will quickly turn to anger at the person who deceived you - and rightly so.

But all hope is not lost. You put your faith in the wrong place. You trusted someone who twisted the scriptures. When he lied about the date, understand that he also lied to you when he said, "The Bible guarantees it."

The Bible has not let you down.

Camping's false teaching was a fault, not the scriptures.

If you cannot sleep tonight, read the Gospel of John. Read it all the way through.

Or watch this video.

Also, order this book. It will teach you how to properly understand God's Holy Scriptures.

In the morning, go to a true, Bible-believing church. You can start your search for one in your area here.

I, and many others, are praying that God will open your eyes to His Truth.

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