Friday, March 4, 2011

The Squirrel's Nut Cache - 3/4/2011

A Note to SquirrelFans: I know my blogging has been a bit... sporadic (or erratic or even spastic) lately. No apologies. That's life. You get what you pay for.

Anyway, I'm on the road this week (I'm typing this at 6am in a hotel room in Great Falls, MT, where I'm attending the Montana Southern Baptist Convention's annual Evangelism Conference) and next. I plan on blogging from the Shepherds' Conference next week, and I may have something tomorrow about today's activities in Great Falls. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, here's the
Nut Cache, a day late, and a few nuts short...

The Nut Cache - a collection of recent things I found interesting, or amusing, or nutworthy.

In November of 1978, 918 people died in the largest mass murder/suicide of modern times. Sometime in the fall of 2010, somebody at Hacienda Mexican Restaurants in South Bend, Indiana, decided that the Jonestown massacre would be a great thing to base the restaurant's new advertising campaign on. Billboards bearing the slogans "We're like a cult with better Kool-Aid" and "To die for" went up around South Bend in early February, 2011. After a public outcry, the billboards were removed after being up less than two weeks. There is no word yet about how this will effect the restaurant's "Nazi Holocaust" ad campaign, scheduled for early summer...

Are you planning a wedding this spring? Are you having a hard time finding a church that isn't already booked? Running out of options? Well, turns out that your community has another whole tier of chapels that you've probably never thought of: Funeral Homes! Yup, that's right, funeral homes. Well, why not? They've got nice chapels and they already have a close working relationship with most local florests... & many may see a fitting symbolism in getting married in a funeral home... (Note: I do NOT share that sentiment!)

Hey, Villa Rica, Georgia, Police Department! Really? Aw, come on, man...

And the Nuttiness goes on and on...

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Herding Grasshoppers said...


It's a round-up of Bad Taste, for sure!

Enjoy your conferences and conventions :D


Fredericka said...

"...largest mass murder/suicide of modern times..."

A minor (and morbid) point: I'm not sure it was the largest. Some of the estimates for the mass suicide in Demmin, Germany after that town was overrun by the Red Army in 1945 exceed 1,000.